El Gouna - Hacienda White

Hi Artists!

El Gouna, so graciously invited us over for a paint session by the beach today! 

We’re SO excited to be painting with y’all!

 To make it easier, here are the step by step instructions so you can follow along. 

This is what we’re painting today (inspired by the gorgeous El Gouna and their logo): 

Step 1:

First half of the painting:
First we’ll pick up a lot of yellow with the big brush and a little of white and we’ll go side to side using barely any pressure on the brush until the middle of the canvas, occasionally adding dashes of red. 


Step 2: 

With the small brush, pick up some white, and draw a semicircle right above the yellow half line. Fill it in white white. 


Step 3: 

Second Half:
Dip the big brush in blue and paint the second half of the canvas, gradually adding more white and less blue until you reach the bottom of the canvas. You want to have a nice blue to light blue gradient effect. 


Step 4:

Now for the boat, pick some white with the small brush and draw 2 mirror image triangles, one bigger than the other, with a little space between them. Under them, leave a little space and draw 2 angled lines and connect them from the top and from the bottom. Fill them all in. After you’re done, you can even add a little reflection on the water with barely any white paint on the brush.


Step 5: 

El Gouna Star:
Pick up some red and draw the Gouna star! And make sure to write “EL GOUNA” under it to remember that special day you painted this masterpiece right by the sea!