Siemens Team! We’re SO excited to be painting with y’all! To make it easier, here are the step by step instructions so you can follow along. 

This is what we’re painting today: 

Step 1:

First quarter of the painting:
⁃ First we’ll pick up a lot of blue with the big brush and a dash of white and we’ll go side to side using barely any pressure on the brush.
⁃ Gradually add more white and less blue so it’s a nice faded gradient from blue to white.

Step 2: 

Second quarter:
⁃ Rinse your big brush and dry it with a napkin. Now add a nice stroke of white.
⁃ Mix equal parts yellow, red, and a dash of white on the plate to make a nice vivid pink orange
⁃ Pick up a lot of white with the big brush, gradually adding some of your pink orange mixture.
⁃ Once you reach the middle, repeat the same process but inverted
⁃ (You want this part to go from light orange/pink to a more vivid orange/pink, and then back to light orange/pink)

Step 3: 

Last part:
⁃ We’re pretty much doing the same exact think as the first quarter but inverted.
⁃ (So light blue, going all the way to blue)

Step 4:

⁃ the last 2 inches, paint a black line with your big brush.
⁃ You can then take the small brush and add some bristles with black to show some grass.

Step 5: 

⁃ Now mix some white and black to make a nice dark grey. Using the small brush Draw 2 lines that are not exactly the same size. Close them off and fill them in with your dark grey mixture.

Step 6:

⁃ Get the small brush draw a black curved line with pretty much V shapes at the end of it to mimic a branch of a tree. Be mindful that branches are thicker toward the bark and get skinner as they go out.
⁃ Now using the big brush, dip it slightly in black, you want it to barely have any paint. Then, at a 90 degree angle stipple back and forth for it to look like leaves.

Step 7:

Rinse the small brush, dip it in white, and paint in a circle motion a nice sun. If it’s not bright enough let it dry and go back and add another layer

Step 8:

Stencil: Suprise, you don’t actually have to paint the women :) 
Now with the help of a friend, hold down the stencil firmly and outline it in black using the small brush. Take off the stencil after, fill it in in black carefully.